Properties for Sale in Guanacaste, Nosara, Ostional, San Juanillo, Marbella !

Price Range: from $50,000 to $3,000,000
Land Area Range: from 0 Hectareas to 100 Hectareas
Price Range: from $50,000 to $3,000,000
Land Area Range: from 0 Hectareas to 100 Hectareas
For Sale Land

Peacefull lot in Sanjuanillo/ Private River 1387.41 m2

1387.41 M2 Lot for Sale only 3 min driving to the beach. This is a good opportunity for someone who is looking tranquility for a low cost, it is very difficult to find out a lot in San juanillo with this characteristics. Close by the beach and the privilege of having a source of water […]

$88 K
For Sale Land

6 hectares/ 14. 826 acress

6 Hectareas located in the most Beautiful place in San juanillo if you are looking to live under paradise surrounded by nature and a beautiful river this is your option. The place allows people to create a beautiful business, or just keep the land as an investment. We have incredible views to the mountain and […]

$350 K
  • 6,000 SqFt
For Sale House

Ocean view House / San juanillo Guanacaste Costa Rica/ 3327.42 m2

This beautiful home is located in a Project named : Los sueños, which is a private gated community Casa Tara is just over 1 acre located at a heart of a 300 acre nature reserve. It’s a Tuscany villa replica with all the Spanish architecture taste. It’s a 3 bedroom villa with 3 bathrooms. With […]

$1,200,000 K
  • 3 Br
  • 3 Ba
  • 3,327.42 SqFt
For Sale House

Beautiful wood house with a perfect location NOSARA ( 4111.73 m2)

Hello everyone I’m happy to introduce this new option in the market, A second floor wood house with an extra apartment downstairs located in Nosara. This Place is been producing a lot of money on rentals in the past 10 years, everyone knows Nosara has became a very exclusive area and is getting also very […]

$750,000 K
  • 4,111.73 SqFt
For Sale Hot Offer

40 hectares/ Marbella Guanacaste Costa Rica

This is a very unique land, over 40 hectares in which we have plenty of areas with mountain and valley views, and a good amount of protective areas with Over 150 Guanacaste’s tress plus many other types. from the main road 160, up in to the mountains only 2 km driving. There are areas that […]

$1,600,000 K
For Sale House Land Ocean View

1.5 hectareas Ocean view facing the main road 160 Marbella

1.5 hectares located between Marbella and Playa Pitahaya , the Place is Tittle totally Out of any consetion system, it is only A few steps to the ocean from the back side of the property, Also from the main road to the closest beaches, Playa Azul, Marbella, Pitahaya etc. The place has a well with […]

$850 K
For Sale Hot Offer

Beach front/ Ocean View/ facing the road 160/ 5 hectares/ 12,355,3 acres

Beach front Property This farm is located in Ostional Guanacaste Costa Rica, everyone who has ever visit this area might have a small understanding what Ostional is, taking in to account how much tourist we have every single ( arribadas) Ostional is the second place in the entire world more visited by Ridley turtle. This […]

  • 50,000 SqFt
For Sale Ocean View

237.221 acres/ 96 hectares /Ocean view/ Valley view

100 % pure jungle has never been touched or developed, this whole place is new on the Market. Taking in to account the amount of land is a really good price, the place offers ocean view with the greatest sunset ever, the distance between the beach and the property make the sunset look special. Majestic […]

  • 96,000 SqFt
For Sale Ocean View

1289 m2 consetion lot/ walking distance to the beach/ Ocean view

Welcome to one of my favorite options to the market, this amazing lot is located on the heart of playa pitaya, only 65 steps to the beach. the place is surrounded by nature, away from neighbors and really close to the beach, offering 3 different entrances for the clients, having access from las Concabas ( […]

  • 1,282 SqFt
For Sale Ocean View

447.77 acres Ocean view / private river/ amazing paradise

180 hectáreas, 447.77 acres Private river surrounded with amazing nature, the place is divided in 3 different properties, the first one is : 82 hectares: 202.626 acres ocean view private river, mountain views (asking price 1,150,000 K): A lot of flat areas, perfect for growing food, the river is totally private and independent, 60 % […]




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