Properties for Sale in Guanacaste, Nosara, Ostional, San Juanillo, Marbella !

Price Range: from $50,000 to $3,000,000
Land Area Range: from 0 Hectareas to 100 Hectareas
Price Range: from $50,000 to $3,000,000
Land Area Range: from 0 Hectareas to 100 Hectareas

40 hectares/ Marbella Guanacaste Costa Rica

$1,600,000 K


This is a very unique land, over 40 hectares in which we have plenty of areas with mountain and valley views, and a good amount of protective areas with Over 150 Guanacaste’s tress plus many other types.

from the main road 160, up in to the mountains only 2 km driving. There are areas that are flat, facing all the public road in one side of the land, turning this place as a good options to invest and make good profits, cutting lots with front public road or just keep the place as it is

the place does have ocean view only in a certain areas, but the most valuable are the green areas, flat spots and the whole views that we can find out there.

there is a creak inside the land that never dries, inside this area there is a big amount of palm tress and some other types that makes the place looks unique,

Very important to take in to account there are 2 wells on the property, but at the same time the place also has availability of water from AIA which is the local Asada from Marbella.

The electrical wires are right in front the property which that means there is no ichues with electrical services, the place looks exactly how it looks on the fotos, there is any type of development internal roads or anything related to developments, which is exiting for some people because they can start their own master plan with proper and own ideas instead.

Marbella Its been getting developed and appetizing for many investors, and a lot of people coming from surrounded areas for example Ostional and Nosara that now days its became really expensive and difficult for investors to buy because of then Hight prices.

This land is very complete, taking in to account, the forest, legal water, mountain and valley view and how much abundance of biodiversity we have in this peace of land

if you are interest on taking a look on this beautiful property feel free to contact me: + 506 84279341



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  • Price $1,600,000 K
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