Properties for Sale in Guanacaste, Nosara, Ostional, San Juanillo, Marbella !

Price Range: from $50,000 to $3,000,000
Land Area Range: from 0 Hectareas to 100 Hectareas
Price Range: from $50,000 to $3,000,000
Land Area Range: from 0 Hectareas to 100 Hectareas
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447.77 acres Ocean view / private river/ amazing paradise



180 hectáreas, 447.77 acres

Private river surrounded with amazing nature, the place is divided in 3 different properties, the first one is :
82 hectares: 202.626 acres ocean view private river, mountain views (asking price 1,150,000 K): A lot of flat areas, perfect for growing food, the river is totally private and independent, 60 % of the land has ocean view, in which people can appreciate the sunsets as well, facing the pacific ocean. The land is 100 % virgin, has never been cured, or cleared before, it produce a lot of oxygen and is evident how jungle it can be, being there only means leaving on nature.
14 hectares: 34.595 acres ocean view, river, mountain view, 1 artisanal well. ( asking price 275.000 K) : this smaller land also has a river, ocean view and a lot of vegetation
85 hectares: 210. 04 acres: ocean view, great views to the valley, ( asking price) 1,645,000 K
If Somebody wants to make an offer for the whole 447,44 acres or the place can be sold for 14/82 or 85 each peace of land with different prices, the owners are motivated sellers.

If you want to live privately in a paradise land, do not miss the opportunity on taking a look to this great opportunity, the price doesn’t have comparation according to how much this place has to offer, a national park or a canopy destiny is just 1 idea of the potential of this magical land, taking in to account how much ocean view this place offer, perfect for developers who wants to create a massive master plan in order to get the best potential on this place.
We need to remind how expended is the nature when we live with the sound of nature, birds, monkeys, is not just about buying land is about buying the peacefulness everyone deserve, this place is been owning throw generation to generation and there haven’t been any use of chemicals on those lands, same as water from the river, is drinkable, growing food is pretty easy and the biggest treasure is having a river, which is a heavy diamond on the land.

Being in a place like this is like living on the 100 % forest mountain and nature.

If you want to coordinate a visit for this item please feel free to contact me on:

Whatssap : +50684279341
The location is only 35 min from the main road 160 San juanillo.




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