Properties for Sale in Guanacaste, Nosara, Ostional, San Juanillo, Marbella !

Price Range: from $50,000 to $3,000,000
Land Area Range: from 0 Hectareas to 100 Hectareas
Price Range: from $50,000 to $3,000,000
Land Area Range: from 0 Hectareas to 100 Hectareas

6 hectares/ 14. 826 acress

$350 K


6 Hectareas located in the most Beautiful place in San juanillo

if you are looking to live under paradise surrounded by nature and a beautiful river this is your option.

The place allows people to create a beautiful business, or just keep the land as an investment.

We have incredible views to the mountain and 80 % of the land has the river which is totally private, the 6 hectares land is

hidden from public roads or more neighbors in the back, it is totally private and the creak that has in the side of the land

turns the place really beautiful from having spots with only grass until getting to the nature at the point that you ended

up on the river coming walking all the way down from the spots that you can see the valleys, it is also interesting once we

arrive to the main creak there is a group of big stones that produce water that is wormer in comparison with the regular

creak, this effect is created by natural reasons and it is interesting to explore this event.

howler monkeys, variability of birds, hunder of butterflies and possibilities to appreciate dear on their natural habitat.

If you are a fish lover or love shrimps or just love to swim this is your perfect land. Also is important to take in to

account the closer beach is only 10 min driving from the property.

If you love to grow food this is also ideal for growing, why not? having your own farm and pigs chickens horses and live in

Harmony with nature, that’s everyone dream and me? I’m happy to help you finding and making this dream come true.


  • Property ID 11326
  • Price $350 K
  • Property Type
  • Property Status
  • Property Label
  • Size 6,000 SqFt
  • Land area 6 Hectareas



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